Frito Chopper- one bag of frito’s, ¼ lb chopped beef, beans, cheese, & salsa


Chopped Baker- baked potato topped with ¼ lb chopped beef, sour cream, & cheese


Sampler Plate- sliced beef, turkey, ham, sausage, ¼ chicken, & 2 pork ribs


Tha Rib Basket- 3 pork ribs, side of beans, a hot roll


Tha Tom- three meat sandwich with chopped beef, sausage, & turkey


Tha Jerry- sliced brisket, german cole slaw, louisiana hot sauce on white bread


Spicy Papa- spicy sausage topped with german potatos on a whole wheat bun


Salads-house salad with a choice of brisket, ham, boneless chicken, or turkey



Prices subject to change.